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今週功課繁重,剛完成測驗及 presentation 的週五,還是忍不住上來分享演講內容,因為主角正是離開了、還是放不下的香港!題目由加港情誼開始,特別加入英文,歡迎大家分享給身邊的加拿大朋友!

Remember Hong Kong Canadian World War 2 T-Shirt – Canada For Victory

萬一多公里外,加港兩地原來有著一份特別的歷史情誼,今天來一探究竟吧!Far far away, some remarkable history and friendship happened between Winnipeg and Hong Kong. Let's take a look!


Firstly, I'm happy to introduce my hometown. Hong Kong is a metropolitan area located on the south coast of China. Right now, its sovereign state is China. In Hong Kong, we mainly speak Cantonese. Hong Kong is not big, but it has over 7M population, so it's very crowded. It has a subtropical climate, meaning it's hot and has very mild and short winters. Hong Kong is famous for the Victoria Harbour and great food!


Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, and the language is English and French. It is also a small city and has about 10% of the HK population. Winnipeg is well-known for its long and cold winter. You may wonder, the two cities look so different, and they're far away. What could possibly link them? 

The answer is colonization. I'm not going to talk about Canadian history, and these historical flags pretty explained everything. On the other side, Hong Kong became the British Crown Colony from 1841 to 1997. When Hong Kong was ceded, current China has not formed. So Hong Kong has a much longer history with Britain than China. That's the reason for it's so different from other Chinese cities and the "one country, two systems" promise of 50 years unchanged after the sovereignty transfer.

另一連結加港兩地的,很不幸是戰爭。1937年開始日本侵華,隨時揮軍南下;當時香港主要依靠來自英國、印度及加拿大的駐軍,而其中一場著名的戰爭,就是1941年發生的 香港保衛戰
Another link between us is the war. In the early 19th century, Japan had been waging war in China, and Hong Kong had no defence. It could only rely on British, Indian and Canadian garrison. Here is a picture of Canadian soldiers in Hong Kong, and one famous war they fought is the Defence of Hong Kong.

這是當年加拿大的招兵海報,也是這次演講的題目來源。1941年,加拿大派出兩營參與香港戰役—溫尼伯榴彈兵團及皇家加拿大來福槍團,共計1975名士兵,而他們大部份都十分年輕。他們在11月中才抵港,未料戰事12月8日即爆發,香港守軍措手不及,加拿大兵死傷慘重... 同年12月25日,港督楊慕琦宣佈投降,史稱黑色聖誕,香港進入了三年零八個月的淪陷歲月。
This is a wartime recruiting poster. In 1941, the Canadian Government sent The Royal Rifles of Canada and Winnipeg Grenadiers (from Manitoba) to Hong Kong. There were about 2K soldiers, and most of them were very young. They arrived in HK in mid-November and planed to receive more training. But the war started early on Dec 8. At that time, some of the weapons had not yet arrived in Hong Kong. So, 17 days later, at Black Christmas, Hong Kong surrendered and was ruled by Japan for almost four years.

During the dark age, what happened to the Canadian soldiers? These were the lucky ones...

About 290 soldiers were killed in Defence of Hong Kong, and more died as prisoners of wars due to mistreatment and starvation by the Japanese army. Also, many were wounded.

香港人不會忘記這段歷史,還有加拿大兵的幫助及犧牲。下圖是 約翰·奧斯本,他在渣甸山與日軍對戰中犧牲自己拯救同袍,死後獲追頒英聯邦最高榮譽英勇軍事勛章,其雕像目前仍樹立在香港公園。另外香港也設有西灣國殤紀念墳場,安葬並紀念香港保衛戰時在香港陣亡的盟軍軍人。
Hong Kong will not forget this history. This is John Robert Osborn; he died from covering a grenade to save other soldiers. His statue is now at Hong Kong Park. There is also a Memorial and Cemetery to remember these Canadian soldiers' braveries.
再之後的事,不用我多說了... 篇幅關係,只收輯了少量具代表性(同時不太血腥)的照片...
With such a history, Hong Kong people value peace more than anyone. 

So when the Government broke the promise of "one country, two systems," we went on peaceful protests. We had the 1M protest, 2M protest, and 1.7M protest under rain....

What did the government do? Over 16K rounds of tear gas have been fired. 2K was fired to CUHK, and 3K to PolyU. 

During the protests, doctors and First responders were detented. Over 10K people have been arrested, with 40% being students.

It's not politics but history and facts I want to share. I hope you all understand Hong Kong better; please remember Hong Kong, and places bearing injustice, including Myanmar, Xinjiang, Belarus. Thank you.



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